if i don’t talk to myself who will

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Some things never change. 

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Reasons to stan Kim Hyoyeon [part 2]
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Sooyoung stealing the spotlight at 2014 Miss Korea like she predicted 

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another speech fail courtesy of Kim ‘golden retriever’ Hyoyeon

LMAO apparently at the Soshi fanmeeting today, Tiffany was talking about some problems with her mic and Hyoyeon, who was beside her, wanted to say “the decibel is a little loud, right?” but ended up saying “decibal” which in Korean is pronounced “de-shibal” (shibal= ‘fuck’ in Korean lmao) 

so Taeyeon heard it and told the fans that Hyoyeon just said “fuck”

The girls and fans exploded with laughter as usual ^^

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Hyoyeon’s fanservice <3

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freaking gorgeous!

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